Valuing the independence of thought

I have been trying my darndest to reduce exposure to Facebook. I’m doing this because I find myself slowly becoming part of an echo chamber.

If you have not known this by now, Facebook designs its algorithm to encourage higher engagement & higher retention on the platform. More time on Facebook = more eyeballs for its advertisements.

A direct result of this behavioral engineering is the polarisation of your news feed. You will likely be more engaged with those who share the same opinions, or on the other spectrum, you will be stalking those who don’t.

You will end up preaching to the choir and might start alienating others.

You will develop narcissistic tendencies. You are groomed to be one.

I feel that this is dangerous to my well-being.

We do not have to be reactive to every news or posting on the platform.

We should not need to have an opinion for everything.

I want to be free. To be able to understand different narratives, to be able to put myself in a different pair of shoes, and to be able to develop empathy.

Looking back, I have written and shared things in the past that I’m now regretting. I don’t want to delete those posts, for it was my past; they’ll serve as a reminder. If you were in any way feel slighted by me, I ask for your forgiveness.

Lets put effort into bringing knowledge and joy to people around us.


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