Conviction to chart your own path in life.

Last week, I received a resume from a young man. Born in 2002, which means he has only recently exited high school. Kids his age will then enter colleges or universities.

He decided to go against the flow.

Instead of enrolling in universities to further his studies, he told me that gaining industry experience is better.

“Ive done my research. My role models adviced those keen on software engineering to soak up experience by joining a tech company. When it comes to software engineering, what universities teach is only 10-15% relevant.”

He then listed the names of star software engineers that my old brain has now forgotten.

He dressed impeccably for the first job interview in his life. Good manner, answers with clarity and was frank that our technology stack might be alien to him.

“Give me 3-4 days, I will learn this on YouTube.”

Simple answer that tells me a lot about a person.

In Katsana Holdings, we are used to having young talents joining us right after high school. They mostly help us with non-critical operations and will stick for a few months waiting for their college offers.

This young man is different. He is brave. He has conviction. He wants to play an integral part of our development team.

Young man, we shall grant you your wish.

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