Project Management Basics: What is a project?

It has been a long while since I last wrote on this blog.

Project management is one of the most critical elements in running a business. I have decided to put effort into mastering this subject. As I go along, I will be sharing tidbits here for all to benefit from.

I decided to write this down in a blog simply because writing helps me firm up understanding of the subject. If I cant summarise Project Management in writing, then probably the subject hasnt been mastered yet.

What is a project, really?

In my own definition, a project is simply tasks that need to be completed within a certain duration of time. Thus by definition, a project has

  • Beginning
  • Middle
  • End

Examples of projects can be development of a new application, new sales/marketing campaign, integration with new vendors, to building a new house (or demolishing it), or construction of highways.

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2016 – a Post-mortem of KATSANA™ Advanced Telematics


After weekly sharing session, team Katsana Advanced Telematics had the chance to go through a post-mortem of 2016.

We simply ask everyone present to jot down:
– What sucks in 2016
– The best thing in 2016
– What can be improved in 2017

Simple as that. Being a transparent company, everyone can just write anything that cross their mind. I then categorise input into:
– Product & Engineering
– Customer experience
– Office culture

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