Do things that make you happy

I envy our youngsters for having access to wealth of knowledge in just a few taps of the fingertips.

When I was a kid, around 10-11 years old, learning a new software (Photoshop 4.0/4.5 in this case, circa 1997-1999) means I had to open up a ~200 pages thick guide book, flip the pages and try to make sense of the written instructions. So much harder considering my command of English vocabulary was near non-existent back then. Naturally I also had a thick Oxford dictionary to help me out.

My vocabulary grew by leaps and bounds. Lasso, marquee, smudge, dodge, gradients… these words were foreign just a few months prior.

Just now I had trouble understanding commands on Figma (a vector-based collaborative design tool used by product managers & designers). A quick Google and verbatim use of the keywords, viola! – Got my answer in the first result, presented visually in an embedded Youtube video.

I envy you, youngsters.

Time flies, use your youthful energy to learn and explore things.

Take advantage of the easy access to knowledge.

Try everything that makes you happy.

Do some things that push you beyond your comfort.

Dont be scared to take some risk.

And lastly, be happy, for this is the only life we have.

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